Common Issues

Remember to search #kjøremiljø-support in Slack for your error message as well. okctl forward postgres works, but connecting to database does not Symptom You are running okctl forward postgres, but when attempting to connect to the database on localhost, you SQL client states that the authentication is invalid  ("wrong username/

Set Up A Reference Application - Full Example

Okctl reference app Guide from zero to running with a reference application This guide will give you a complete example of how to set up a reference application in an Okctl environment. It can be useful to see how various parts are configured together and help gain a better understanding

Manually unlocking state

Motivation When running a command that affects the state of the Okctl environment, Okctl will prevent other users from affecting the state simultaneously which can cause unexpected results. In some cases, Okctl can fail to unlock the state after modifying it, preventing further modification to the state. Solution 1. In


How do I give access to a cluster to somebody else? See Concepts -> Authenticating to AWS. Which sub-domain names are set up? Run this to find out: kubectl get ingress --all-namespaces

Running A Docker Image In Your Cluster

Running a Docker image in your cluster Running a Docker image in your cluster depends on where you store it. Two common places to store Docker images are: 1. Github Container Registry (GHCR) (official documentation [] ) 2. Elastic Container Registry (ECR) (official documentation
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