We have now released an upgrade for Grafana, which bumps the version from 7.3.5 to 7.5.12.

Important! During this upgrade, Grafana will restart. Because we currently have not implemented persistent storage for Grafana, all user settings, including dashboards, will be lost. Technically speaking, the current Kubernetes deployment for Grafana uses emptyDirs for its volumes, which are emptied when the Pod restarts.

If you have made no adjustments to Grafana after the initial setup of Okctl, you can safely continue with this upgrade.

If you want to backup your user data, you have some options:

  • use a declarative approach for your dashboards, meaning they are stored as Kubernetes ConfigMaps in your IAC git-repository. Other user settings will still be lost.
  • backup the emptyDirs used by the kube-prometheus-stack-grafana deployment in namespace 'monitoring', and restore them after this upgrade. Contact support for assistance if needed.

We're working on moving to managed Grafana where this is not an issue. Logs and metrics will not be affected, as these are stored in Loki and Prometheus, respectively.

Grafana 7.5.12 are also available for all new Okctl environments made with version 0.0.78 and later.

See the upgrade documentation for how to upgrade existing clusters.