Okctl 0.0.87 bumps ArgoCD from 1.7.2 to 2.1.7.

Any applications that ArgoCD manages will not be removed, so it is safe to run.

Q: The upgrade fails, what do I do?

In case the upgade fails, you can recover by deleting the existing ArgoCD Helm chart, and re-run the upgrade. To do this, you need Helm 3.


  • Make sure you have Helm 3 installed.
  • After installation, verify that you're using helm version 3 and not version 2, by running helm version and see that it outputs the correct version.


Now you can resolve the failing upgrade by running:

cd my-iac-repository
okctl venv -c my-cluster.yaml
helm --namespace argocd delete argocd

When this command is done, we have to wait until the ArgoCD ingress object is gone. Run the command

kubectl --namespace argocd get ingress

to check this. After ingresses are gone, the above command will output something like this:

NAME            CLASS    HOSTS                           ADDRESS                                                                 PORTS   AGE

When ingresses are gone, you can now re-run okctl upgrade:

okctl upgrade

Now the upgrade process should run again, hopefully working this time. If it does not, contact support.