EKS cluster upgrades

okctl upgrade does not attempt to upgrade the EKS cluster, because there can be manual, cluster specific changes that need to be done before upgrading. To upgrade, you need to follow this guide: We will be happy to help if you ... Read more

Julius Pedersen

Apps no longer own namespace resources

Turns out it doesn't make much sense that applications own their namespaces. Turns out namespaces often are shared by multiple applications. Turns out deleting all resources belonging to an app is a problem when one of the resources is shared with other apps. To improve the solution, we've moved the ... Read more

Julius Pedersen

Persistent logs, hurray!

Persistence in production logs is expected, but it's also a feature. A feature we've postponed long enough. Okctl 0.0.94 configures Loki to use S3 as storage for logs and DynamoDB for index tables. To upgrade, download the latest okctl and run‌‌: okctl upgrade What does it mean for ... Read more

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