Ivar Fredriksen

Concerning upgrades and patches

We are about to enter a time for smoother sailing keeping your okctl environment and cluster up to date. This will primarely be achived with the okctl-upgrade command (see : However, to get to a point where you only need to run a single command for

Yngvar Kristiansen

New upgrade for Grafana available

We have now released an upgrade for Grafana, which bumps the version from 7.3.5 to 7.5.12. Important! During this upgrade, Grafana will restart. Because we currently have not implemented persistent storage for Grafana, all user settings, including dashboards, will be lost. Technically speaking, the current Kubernetes

Ivar Fredriksen

Hosted zones, subdomains, and nameservers

I want my own subdomain! Often, when in a large organization, you want some more freedom than submitting a support-ticket for every DNS change or renewed certifictae. If you leverage the power of NS (name server) records and Route 53 hosted zones, you are just one support-ticket away from complete

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