Julius Pedersen

Persistent logs, hurray!

Persistence in production logs is expected, but it's also a feature. A feature we've postponed long enough. Okctl 0.0.94 configures Loki to use S3 as storage for logs and DynamoDB for index tables. To upgrade, download the latest okctl and run‌‌: okctl upgrade What does it mean for ... Read more

Yngvar Kristiansen

Required ArgoCD-upgrade before March 15

On March 15, 2022 ArgoCD made with Okctl versions before v0.0.92 will stop working. By "stop working" we mean that ArgoCD will stop deploying your applications. More specifically, it will stop listening for changes in your Okctl IAC git repository. The ArgoCD website will still be running. To ... Read more

Julius Pedersen

We've added Kubens for okctl venv!

Motivation To save ourselves from having to add --namespace <desired namespace> for all kubectl commands we use, we've added a tool called Kubens to okctl venv. What it means for you By running kubens <namespace> inside okctl venv, Kubens will ensure that all kubectl commands is ... Read more

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